Bring Your Product Specs to Life With a Fun, Professional Explainer Video!

Whether you have a complex product, a simple service, or something in between, an explainer video is a great way to bring it to life for your audience! Explainer Videos can be used as an internal training tool or an outside advertising / PR tool. The possibilities are endless, which is probably why this is our 2nd best selling video type!

Make Your Product Fun!

Highlighting your product or service features are important, and an animated video from AnimatedSocial is a surefire way to bring fun to that process!

Best Used For

An Explainer Video is best used for the situations listed on the right. The higher the percentage the better the match!

Complex Product / Service for Clients100%
Complex Product / Service for Internal Training100%
Website Video (Home Page, About Us, Blog, etc.)90%
Social Media Post70%

Professional and Fun!

Bridge the gap between educating your audience and having fun!

Serious Business
We'll show your audience that you mean serious business, and that your company ROCKS! We'll highlight the key features and talking points that you want us to focus on, and we'll package it in an awesome video for you!
Serious Fun
We take the 'B' out of boring and put it in "Bonkers!". We'll have your audience captivated with your business, product, or service, and we'll make it easy for them to understand what you do with a smile on their face!

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